Why pick us? What we do well?

All our Internet Marketers/SEO experts have Web Design experience.

Why is this important to you? We can design an SEO COMPLIANT WEBSITE from the ground up with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind. This will help you RANK in the Search engines from the starting gates much faster! This also differentiates us from many local SEO or web design firms. Who tend to be specialists in only one of these skills and not the other.

So, instead of just treating a single symptom of your Internet problem, our 360 holistic approach can cure your Internet Blues for the longer term in a more cost effective manner. So, quit running in circles with the other guys, contact us today for a free consultation and website assessment!   

In the meantime, we have generously outlined some basic guidance on how to move forward in your Web journey….

Your Individual Budget
For the best, most effective strategy, divide your own website expenses into three categories: website development, search engine optimization, and internet marketing. Then you’ll be prepared for a 360 degree soup-to-nuts marketing push rather allocating your entire website budget to simply one approach.

Your Website Look and Feel
A good strategy involves more than simply creating a fancy website stuffed with keyword phrases. It’s about setting up a site online that’s simple for visitors to quickly comprehend and navigate through. If people can’t make a decision about what your website is about, or if it’s slow, they will just leave.

Your Website Keywords
Spend quite a bit of your time doing individual keyword research that can ensure the keywords selected don’t merely yield useless traffic, but that they bring TARGETED website visitors that are ready to buy! Stay away from generic terms like “hats” or “shoes” because you will never hit the 1st page of search engines with such terms.

Your Website Content
After you firm up your individual keywords, incorporate them as part of your site content, but ensure you use them very naturally. If your individual content is keyword stuffed, it will be strange to read. If it’s strange, site visitors will simply click hit the back button and leave your website quickly.

Your Website Meta Information
You will want to make sure you integrate your individual keywords in your meta information: your very own meta title, meta description, and meta keywords tags. The easier you make it for major search engines to figure out precisely what your individual website is about, the better you’ll rank.

Your individual Sitemap
Talking about the major search engines, adding a sitemap that will certainly help online website ranking. Include a web link to your sitemap in your individual navigation or as part of the footer of your website. All the search engines and humans as well appreciate a good sitemap.

Keep these tips in mind, and contact Ontarget Websites if you’d like to learn more useful tips. We invite you to schedule a SEO/ Web Design services consultation with us. It’s a totally free, no-obligation discussion that can help improve your individual Search Engine Optimization rankings, get you found on-line and bring in revenue$$ !