Modifying your Website for higher SEO rankings

Should you do a Search Engine Optimization overhaul of your web site?
There is a a combination of art as well as science that is not fully appreciated until needing to do so. So, in-order to save time, here are a few basic things that just about any small business can do to optimize the ranking of their website in Google search engine results. Practically nothing explained here is mind-bending information or difficult to find out. The trick will be to discover a good cookbook process that will be easy to stick with.

Keyword phrases

Decide upon a wide variety of keywords to weave into the content of your site (I elected 10). This falls into the category of art. You ought to think of words which individuals might oftentimes use to google search for exactly what you are providing, similar to the procedure you go through when beginning an AdWords promotion. You need to climb into the mind of the customer and also understand exactly how he or she might try to search for you. For example, our very own company frequently refers to itself as an SEO company. However, possible customers may 1st think of alternative search queries like “increase google ranking” or “internet search marketing” instead of SEO.

Website Changes

Depending on exactly what software or hosting service you use, you can tweak the process in different ways, however there are various ways to manipulate how your internet site gets indexed:

  • Page title These tend to be the phrase at the top of the browser window which describe the current page. Google engines evaluate these words. Be strategic here. For example, if you have a page devoted to a product which allows online document collaboration, don’t use “Product” in the page title. Use “Using the internet for document collaboration” instead. Furthermore, don’t put the product name first. The search engines will hopefully already know that; they tend to examine the first three statement, so make them the most significant.
  • H1 tags Make use of the same strategy. Search engines prioritize H1 tags, so use important keywords here. Try to stick to one H1 tag per page.
  • URLs. Exact same situation here: use keywords. For example, rather then, use Separating words alongside hyphens is best.
  • Keyword density. Ensure the inclusion of keyword phrases in the body of your web pages. Density is important; i.e. 2 keywords for every 5 statement matters more than 2 for almost any fifteen.
  • Meta description tags. This will sound redundant however… use keywords. You should place a 25-word description of your site. The search engines occasionally display this description less than hyperlinks in Google outcomes.
  • Hyperlinks. Link to internal pages within your site, however (get prepared for it!) use keyword phrases. For the example, use “online document collaboration” as the link text, and not the “product name” as the linked text.
  • Information material. Create pages in your internet site which focus on your most significant keyword phrases and topics. Immediately link to those pages using the technique described above. Do not copy information from other websites because this just confuses the search engines.
  • Links. The more inbound links pointing to your website, the better! Get individuals to write articles and link to your online business as much as possible. Please understand that quality of the site linking to your own is important.The higher Google page-rank a website has linking to your website, the more important that link will be in the eyes of the search engines.  Also, the keyword phrases used in these inbound links are just as important, too. Try to ensure that the text in these inbound hyperlinks contains your keyword phrases; for illustration, use “company collaboration software”  instead of something generic like “click here.”

You can also do more technical things, like create some kind of XML internet site map and submit it to the search engines. Irrespective, the whole SEO process makes you truly focus on just what your own business does and how you describe it. It isn’t easy, However it can pay great dividends for leads and website traffic.

Our Ontarget SEO team is well versed in the art and science of optimizing your website for higher google rankings, so, contact us and lets get started !!