Internet Marketing

Increase your chances of being FOUND on the 1st PAGE of GOOGLE faster with a wider SEO keyword strategy. This will also prevent penalization by the latest Google Panda update.

Our SEO experts know that the latest Google Panda and Penguin search engine updates look for suspicious overly optimized sites. Typically these sites are optimized for only a few niche keywords. Keeping this in mind, its even more critical to select a wider array of Keywords for your Online Marketing SEO efforts.

As your Online Marketing Consultants we begin by performing extensive research on your particular niche industry segment. After completing  this analysis, we move on to keyword research and detailed competitor analysis. We use in-house proprietary best-in-class software tools along with years of SEO best practices to finalize a list of 50 keywords for you.  In this keyword list, we try to balance Short-tail- keywords (will generate more traffic but has more competition) and Long tail keywords (less traffic but also less competition). The net-net is a finely-tuned, marketing savvy, strategic Keyword list that will generate the most amount of traffic for your site in the least amount of time. Effectively, accelerating your ROI for your SEO investment.

What you should expect ? You should expect your selected keywords that you want to rank for to move up the Google search results within the first 2 to 3 months. Remember that your website will probably start traveling upwards from the very bottom of Google’s list and pages! Well, that’s a very long list and you are starting from pole position zero. So, please don’t expect any overnight miracles. However, within the first 2 to 3 months of our SEO  campaign, you will see positive upwards momentum of many of these 50+ keywords. Many of the long tail keywords will be well on their way to the 1st page of Google ! And this 1st page of Google is where all the MAGIC and TRAFFIC happens!! When your keywords start reaching the 2nd and 1st PAGE of GOOGLE, that is when you will start seeing real revenue generating$$ traffic come to your site. That’s when your SEO campaign will start paying dividends and you will begin to see a Return On your Investment (ROI) .